Emerging 100


After nearly 20 years of impacting the lives of African-American youth and the Atlanta community, through various direct programs and initiatives, the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc.knew there were more ways to effectively expand the organization’s reach, and complete a pipeline around its mentoring initiatives for a lifetime module.

In 2003, through the visionary Milton Jones, past Chairman of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc., the concept for an additional auxiliary that would help fill a gap the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc. had identified was born. Though a group was in place to begin laying the foundation for this auxiliary, the organization never launched.

Seven years from the time that the initial concept was conceived, and approaching the 25th anniversary of the Atlanta chapter, John Grant, then CEO of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta, Inc., decided it was time to breathe life back into the formation of a premiere young professionals auxiliary to the 100 Black Men organization.

By November 2010, a committee comprised of Gamal A. Codner, Elliott Ture, Cory Gray, Kirk Brown, Jerry L. Lightfoot, Patrick Parker, Jr., Gabriel Maupin, Tony C. Anderson, Richard Merritt, and one other memberwas formed. Ten high potential young professionals were in place, and these young men became the founding members of what would later be named the Emerging 100 (of Atlanta).

The Emerging 100 (of Atlanta) is the first auxiliary of its kind in the 100 Black Men of America system. The Emerging 100 is not a feeder auxiliary into the 100 Black Men of America.